Drive Revenue - Make Your Business Money With KILTR WiFi

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Delighted to see the publishing of a new promotional video today following our successful participation at the @scottish-tourism-alliance launch event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow.

We're seeing an increased demand for our WiFi solution as our happy customers relay back to us and spread the word about the benefits it's having on their businesses: some key points ↓

  • Bulletproof, enterprise-grade WiFi boxes.
  • No email/data/password required to access free WiFi in the venue of your choice.
  • Increase your revenue by partnering with third party advertisers.
  • Promoting your events in house and/ or with affiliated venues.
  • Engaging with your customers straight to their smartphones: owning, building your community.

The great thing about our software is how in the future we'll be able to tailor it to a specific audience or demographic. @collectivworks are working hard - listening to your feedback, as we look to explore with the different range and style of businesses that we look forward to working with. Art, for example, is a great passion of mine and I'd love to see @kiltr-wifi in some of my favourite galleries across Scotland and beyond.

I hope you enjoy the short promotional video that goes a bit further to explaining how KILTR WiFi works and how we can help you drive revenue with a bit of smart, neat technology - enjoy, and I'm hoping to hear from you soon! ↓