It's Smart Data, Not Big Data

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One of the most important aspects of @kiltr-wifi and its USPs is its ability to connect the user to the internet without the need or request for an email address. A great supporter of KILTR, and hopefully a future collaborator, Keir Lindsay - who runs his own clothing business, SF Brand Glasgow - feels ↓

"I love whenever I use KILTRWiFi in my local (The Drake @thedrake), it's much easier and quicker than having to ask the bartender for a password." - Keir Lindsay

The generation before us are increasingly savvy, digital consumers. Keir is just one of many young people who are becoming much more discerning when it comes to who, what, why, where and when they disseminate their digital footprints upon.

While many solutions are still looking at capturing email addresses such as Zenreach, @kiltr-wifi bucks that trend enabling over 65 of their clients across Scotland to understand better what their customers want sans email entries. Our pilot and findings in the Finnieston area of Glasgow gleaned that the drop off rate for devices connecting to in-venue WiFi decreased from 90% to 19% with the removal of an email registration splash page. These stats, on the downward trend in email hospitality marketing, and conducted over a one month period in April '16, are important as the public WiFi market moves to improve the user experience, provision of relevant content and the application of free internet access in the process.

"KILTR has totally streamlined our business, the guys brought in one of their enterprise grade Meraki boxes - it works seamlessly and we've even managed to increase revenue with it via advertisers." - Josh Barr, GM at The Bierhalle.

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