KILTR WiFi can make you £'s while bringing your community together.

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Here at KILTR for the past few years we have been working on ways of bringing people together online and offline. Whether it's been on the KILTR platform itself(Clyde Built) or through our offKILTR events such as our Street Feastival's, The Feastival of St Andrew, Alternative Burns night or through our many political debates the overarching theme is connectivity. Our live streaming of interviews with people such as Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Yanis Varoufakis, Paul Mason and Annie Machon to name check a few, have been fantastically well received as we try and connect Art, Politics, Music and Technology. A new Avante Garde movement if you like :-)

More recently we have branched out into the world of WiFi. This started when we graduated from the Cisco Create incubator named Raptor We then won a grant to look at how we could use technology and specifically wifi to help drive footfall back to UK High Streets this was somewhat Bond-Like named Project StONE Last year we were included in a consortium that included BT, Cisco, University of Manchester and host of other SME's and won against 22 bids involving 34 cities the IoT grant for Manchester and a share of £10M to produce the CityVerve project On our own doorstep we ran a successful pilot in the Finnieston area of Glasgow with bars and restaurants including Lebowski's, The Finnieston and Porter and Rye and are now rolling the offer out to other bars, restaurants, cafes, venues across Glasgow including venues such as Bier Halle, King Tut's, Nice N Sleazy, Bar Bloc, Firewater, St Lukes, The Admiral, Tabac, Chinaski's The Drake and are now installing in Edinburgh and London.

How does it work?

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For operators this works as a great marketing tool to engage and present content to their customers building loyalty and interaction. Beyond that there is also the potential to involve the entire community by allowing residents in the same block free wifi in exchange for joining their community on KILTR. This could then become a hub for hyper local content completely relevant to where you live. A source of news and events from what's going on in your community.

The money bit is coming.

The problem with Public WiFi for operators of Venues, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels is that it is very much an expected added value service that does little for your business other than offer free internet access that customers will often only mention when it doesn’t work properly or is slower than they would like.

With KILTR WiFi we use the best enterprise level kit to give you robust wifi for multiple users. We interrupt the users journey to the net momentarily with a piece of beautifully presented content that they can either swipe past or engage with. After a few swipes they are off to wherever they want to go on the net but you have made them digest a few pieces of content about your business, a chosen sponsor or locally relevant news piece. We call these content cards, 'Digital Flyers'

That content could be a forthcoming event, daily specials, cocktails, a new menu, a sponsored ad it's completely up to them how they use it. We are essentially putting a digital flyer into the hand of the venues customers via their mobile devices.

No invasive registration, beyond a one off optional email registration for special offers, the WiFi user does not have to divulge any more details about themselves and their journey to the internet is much quicker than other competing WiFi Network providers. Operators can use the swipe/scroll content cards however they want and can sell one or two to drinks brands that they work with therefore monetising their wifi offering. At £60 per month per access point plus a one off installation cost that leaves a good bit of headroom to make money from drinks brands keen to present their brand to people at the point of sale.

We will also be presenting an analytics dashboard to operators so they can see footfall, busy times, quiet times, and social interaction, likes, shares and unique views.

If you are interested in KILTR WiFi for your venue please get in touch with


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The Scotcoin Project Cic

This has immense potential

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Thanks @scotcoin - be great to show you a demo in person at some point if you guys are free, thanks - the KILTR team.

Mark Fletcher

Used it at King Tut's. NICE!

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Tom Howard

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