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Rob Churm has been one of the most interesting artists working in Glasgow for some time now; if not exactly a household name, he’s something of a linchpin of the Glasgow underground scene, having been involved in such diverse artistic projects as Le Drapeau Noir, an artists; temporary autonomous zone run with Raydale Dower, and Fantom Cinema, an expanded cinema space run with Marc Baines, which was the highlight of last year’s GI.

Churm is best known for his intricate, surrealist drawings, which like all of his work freely flit between disciplines and upset hierarchies, inhabiting an unpredictable zone between automatic drawing and comic strips.

Parasite Rex, his current show at the CCA, is a riot; a generous, expansive exploration of his practice, ranging over drawing, wall painting, video and his music poster work.

It all culminates in his new comic, The Exhaustion Hook, a brilliantly disorientating (and often very funny) book which is on sale at the show.,

Tonight, in the gallery, Chrum will be putting on a gig, with Blood Stereo, a Brighton-based duo working with tape loops, and City Vegretables, a live comic book form Malcy Duff.

Churm will be headlining, performing with Kathryn Elkin and Pramé, the alien protagonist of his comics, who will manifest himself. You have been warned.

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