Community guidelines

KILTR is open to you to share and publish whatever you want to. That said, you’ll notice what works best on KILTR is what we’ve simply called 'The Good Stuff.' The 'good stuff' is about quality, not quantity.

Getting along on KILTR is just common-sense. Be nice. Think before you post. And it goes without saying -

don’t spam, or yer getting it!

KILTR is a real community with real people, and we’re here to support one another

A few definite no-no’s are listed below for reference.

  • Repeatedly making the same post in a single account
  • Posting the same update across multiple accounts or groups
  • Repeated posting of material deemed to be unwelcome or of no relevance to individuals or groups contacted
  • Sending the same message or similar messages to a community member repeatedly or to a large number of members
  • Posting or mailing of any material likely to be offensive or of limited relevance to our community membership
  • Username/Vanity URL squatting, e.g. creating accounts to block others registering them or for the purposes of selling those usernames.
  • Sending or posting unsolicited commercial material to individual or groups
  • Posting or linking to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt the browser or computer of other community members

So play nice or banishment awaits