WiFi Marketing. To collect an email or not?

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KILTRWiFi conducted a trial at The Finnieston Bar and Restaurant, Porter and Rye, Lebowski’s in Finnieston, Glasgow over a 1 month period in April 2016.

The trial was part of a longer pilot project conducted over 6 months that included all 3 venues named above.

All 3 venues were installed with Cisco Meraki MR32 boxes and the data collected was from the Meraki dashboard used to monitor these boxes and their connectivity.

This particular trial and case study focuses on drop out rates associated with data collection. In this case: just a simple email registration to access the bar or restaurant's public WiFi.

Over the period of one month the drop out rates for just an email address registration averaged out to 90%.

KILTR then compared this with the drop out rates in January 2017 at the same 3 venues after the ‘swipe to connect’ functionality was introduced by KILTRWiFi without any data collection or registration.

The drop out rate for this period was 19% as opposed to the above 90% when compared with an email registration splash page.

Email Marketing & Valid Email Addresses

Most WiFi marketing tools work by forcing an email capture in exchange for access to the WiFi. They do this so they can market to those users at a later date and some have clever dashboards that work in sync with location analytics to generate targeted emails relevant to that customer, i.e – “We haven’t seen you in a while” type emails if you haven’t been in the venue for a couple of weeks or “Rewards “for very loyal and repeat visitors, “it’s your third visit this week have a coffee on us” type offers.

With KILTRWiFi you actually reach many more of your customers than you would with email marketing. If only 10% of people seeking to use the WiFi follow through with an email then you lose the chance to market to the other 90%.

Compare that with 81% that you get to reach with KILTRWiFi. On top of that, there is the question of valid email addresses - what percentage of the email addresses collected are valid?

Once you have those emails what are the average open rates?

As you will see from the information below open rates in the Hospitality sector for email marketing have fallen year on year for the past 7 years. So out of 100 people you have the 10 email addresses collected for only 2 people to see your email. 2 as opposed to 81 seeing your content delivered with KILTRWiFi.

For small independent operators having the time or resources to do regular email marketing campaigns is more than difficult and very often ends up falling by the way side or being done sporadically with long gaps and lots of missed opportunities to promote their offering to their customers. By simply creating a post in a few minutes the information they want to convey can be presented straight to the hand of their customers in venue.

If they really want to collect email addresses then hooking them in via offers or competitions on the Digital Flyers will result in more valid email addresses being collected.


Open Rate: 20.47%

Click Rate: 1.37%


Open Rate: 19.17% (-1.3%)

Click Rate: 1.08% (-0.29%)

Download full report here.


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Paul Crawford

Thanks and exactly that Diane.

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Erik Sandberg

I hadn't thought of that - entering false emails addresses.

Also, how may small companies actually even have the resource to compile and work on emailing marketing to their compiled network? I'd guess close to none. It ain't economical data.

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